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Forgiveness Blossom
Charred and burned a crusty black,
Ready, set for the attack!
Anger, fury, fear and pain,
Are illusions on this plane,
Passing on a deep self-loathing,
Wearing it like it is clothing,
I will open up the gate,
I will not hold onto hate,
I see the diamond in the rough,
When you act cruel, when you act tough,
You are doing all you can,
This is all part of the plan,
In my heart I'll find the power,
To let love bloom like a flower,
There is forgiveness in my heart,
I never thought I'd find this part,
After all that you have done,
I see you as the hurting one,
You deserve all I can give,
You deserve the right to live.
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A Moment of Eternity
Sit and watch the river flow
Feel the peace and take it slow
Hear the water splash and churn
Joy is not something you earn
Love and laughter, peace and light
Letting go of wrong and right
Feel the breeze caress your skin
The goal in life is not to win
Take each moment, you will see
You are in Eternity
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Living in a Cloud
Living life in a cloud,
hiding from my thoughts aloud.
Sometimes I wilter, sometimes I grow,
the outcome? I do not know.
I am strong, bright and able.
Life's a quest, it is not stable.
Minutes trickle by like rain,
When will I find me again?
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Art is Honesty :icondena87:Dena87 1 2 Faded Beauty :icondena87:Dena87 0 2
Past Life
My past is like swirls of dust in the wind
There is no place where it ends or  where it begins
Sometimes, I do miss things as they were
Things that were shattered in ways no one can cure
Beautiful memories live in my heart
only rarely do they smart
and oh, how I love them because they let me know
that my life has been full of wonder and love and that will always be so
I loved it all then and I love it all now
It will always be treasured by me anyhow
:icondena87:Dena87 0 1
The Road to Honesty
Words whistle through me like notes in a song
I try not to judge them and say that they're wrong
But I find there are feelings I'm scared to express
Because I don't know what will happen, unless...
I say what I think and mean what I say
How will life go if I work this new way?
I'm scared of rejection, ridicule and pain
Although keeping it in might drive me insane
It's a risk and a gamble, not really a chore
But a new way of living I long to explore
:icondena87:Dena87 1 1
It was a long and lonely road I walked before I found you
But when I found you,
you had already vanished
You existed only in my dreams
faint memories painted your picture
while tears dried on my cheeks
And I felt truly and wholly alone
I cursed your submission to the storm you had once stood in the eye of
watching it swirl around you
strong winds too powerful to be tamed
And I wished and wished that you were here
But these sort of wishes aren't the sort that come true
at least not today
:icondena87:Dena87 0 2
Come Out of the Darkness
Where did you go?
When were your songs silenced?
Why did you allow the darkness to overwhelm you?
Please find your strength
Please come back
I will be waiting for you
I will embrace you and welcome you
Time makes no difference
for it does not exist
there is only this moment
Please find yourself again
I think you are worth looking for
It blinds you to the Love that surrounds you
The Love that was always t
:icondena87:Dena87 0 1
Crying sweet tears of relief
I stand still
knowing you, feeling you
I am untouchable
gliding through this dream
No need to forgive or forget
I am the wind and the stars
the water and the rain
I have no fears, only lessons to learn
Knowing what I know, I cannot be afraid
I stand here and watch the world turn around me
I am clarity, I am purity
All I see is perfection
All my tears belong to the ocean
All my body belongs to the earth
All my love belongs to you
I will let go of everything
Surrender to the moment
In this moment there is only you
:icondena87:Dena87 0 2
The Journey
In my heart there is a longing
One I'm willing to express
To learn of joy from sorrow
and turn pain to happiness
Because there's no tomorrow
I live only in today
In sunshine and in rainstorms
I am learning how to play
If you come along with me
I'm sure that you will learn
that pleasure's not a privilege
that you must work to earn
As I open up my eyes
I am amazed to see
that the secret to a life of bliss
is simply to be me
:icondena87:Dena87 1 3
Roses and Kittens :icondena87:Dena87 0 1


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Current Residence: London, ON
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Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Personal Quote: Art is honesty in it's purest form.
So here I am 2 days before christmas in a whirl wind of baking, shopping, and wrapping. Every year I try to forget about christmas until it is staring me right in the face. Christmas is the most stressful yet most magical time of year. I'm not a big fan of Santa and I'm not christian either but I celebrate christmas. For me, it's a time to love and be more generous than normal, to do kind deeds and spread smiles and warmth to those that surround you. This year I am very fortunate to be spending the holidays with two families who love me, three even if you want to include my little family here, and for that I am so grateful.
Aside from that, I love the lights and the decorations, the cards and the pretty packages, the cheesy holiday specials and all the awesome food that is so high in fat and calories that I can only eat it for about 5 days out of the year or I'd probably have a heart attack lol. The thing that I love the most about christmas this year is that I've finally realized that I'm allowed to celebrate it for whatever reasons I want and that it can be as commercial or non-commercial as I want it to be. I hope you all have an awesome christmas! I'm cheering for you!

Love, Dena
  • Reading: Body Clutter by Marla Cilley
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